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It is an innovative business model that is suitable for both entrepreneurs and people who have no experience in this area, built on the principle of MLCI (multilevel crowdinvesting).

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Why you should cooperate with Evorich

Evorich is designed to:

For partners

who want to build their own business with minimal investment.

For entrepreneurs

trying to grow their client base, which is possible through a huge partner ecosystem network.

For consumers

who want to influence the quality of services received from projects that are part of the ecosystem.

For people

who strive to achieve high passive income.

Why do we need this?

The purpose of the company

creation of a different type of society of people who become co-owners of various innovative enterprises, organizations of real sectors of the economy, consumers of goods and services that they can both use and receive profit in the form of bonuses and dividends.

The Ecosystem in numbers

Despite all the global cataclysms, economic crisis and the pandemic, Evorich continues to grow rapidly, attracting hundreds of thousands of interested people from all over the world to join the ranks of its partners. Thanks to the MLCI business model, anyone can become part of the global mission, promote projects together with the Evorich team and be confident in the future, gaining financial independence.

> 1.6 million

registered users

> 750 thousand

active partners around the world

> 10 +

unique brands in the ecosystem

> 12 +

languages of translated content

Multilevel Crowdinvesting
How it works

Multilevel Crowdinvesting

Crowdinvesting is a collective investment and in itself has many positive aspects, such as:
– open investment opportunities for micro-investors and startups;
– the ability to share and minimize risks, create a portfolio based on your own conclusions;
for business – it is an opportunity to gain financing required for development without depending on large investors and their decisions.
The Multilevel Business implies building your own partner network with the ability to receive a percentage of sales in the structure from each level to infinity.


Exclusive educational packages, full-time mentoring and the best services on the market.

Create multiple sources of income from anywhere in the world by building your own profitable business in our ecosystem.

Ability to have multiple sources of passive income through participation in a professionally managed global investment portfolio.

Who is behind all this?

Meet the team:


Creator, founder and general director of the "Academy of a Private Investor"

The company is headed by its creator, founder and ideological inspirer – Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov.

Multidisciplinary professional investor, consultant for the preservation, augmentation and management of private capital; author, founder and CEO of the Academy of a Private Investor, NEEM group of companies. has a Master’s degree in “Network Business Management”.

Creator and TV presenter of the “Secrets of Millionaires with Andrey Khovratov” program; Chairman of the Investment Council of the International Public Association “Worlds Generals – for Peace”.

Andrey Fedorovich has been studying personal and financial development for over 20 years, and is the creator of more than 15 author’s trainings on this topic.


Representative of the Evorich strategic department

Evorich partner program President, international speaker and business coach, certified “Master-Profi” coach, certified investment consultant, member of the “Worlds Generals - for Peace” Association, private investor.


Representative of the Evorich strategic department

Professional investor who has created a highly profitable portfolio with over 100 investment instruments. Resident of the Hall of Fame of Global Network Entrepreneurs, TOP-20 best recruiters in the world. Certified "Master-Profi" coach. Member of the “Worlds Generals - for Peace” Association.


What projects are included in the ecosystem

Academy of a Private Investor

It is an online educational portal for teaching individuals to invest. Since 2011, the foundation of the Academy, more than 1.3 million people have already been trained. More info


It is a collection of completely innovative and luxurious fragrances. More info

Global Unit Pay

A payment platform based on blockchain technologies with additional capabilities for both legal entities and individuals. More info


A trading platform that provides services for managing cryptowallets, and also includes the implementation of crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto exchange transactions. More info

UGPay Group AG

With the help of an own token, WCRU allows anyone to become a co-owner of the global investment portfolio, which has an independent valuation of over $ 1 billion and includes more than 20 business sectors in the investment market. More info


It is a digital platform for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as shopping malls and chains, designed to bring entrepreneurs and consumers together. More info

Genius of Finance

It is a transformative financial education game training that aims to educate people on financial literacy. More info

New Digital Evolution

This project was created to combine the real economy with the digital one. The NDE, relying on modern blockchain technology, uses tokens as a digital guarantee. More info
Evorich Evorich

NEEW Ecosystem

How can you become a partner

3 simple steps


You need to get a referral link from your invitee and fill out the necessary data in the personal account (Evorich personal account) in order to become a partner


On the new user registration page, you can choose two registration formats: individual or legal entity.


In order for a new member to join your team, they need to send your link to register a new user.

Success stories


Armands Murnieks

Armands Murnieks


Representative of the Evorich strategic department, international partner, best motivational speaker of 2018 according to MELON RICH and FINANCE TIMES business magazines. Born in Latvia, he started earning money from an early age, washing cars, because his mother was diagnosed with a hernia and she could no longer support her family. “I was growing up until I was 6, and then I became an adult. I didn't have a childhood,” Armands recalls. In his school years, he already earned more than his teacher. "On the one hand, it helped me feel independent, but on the other hand, I was sinking in my studies." He worked at a construction site and continued to wash cars. In 2009, he left Latvia for England due to the economic crisis, and only then did he realize how important study would be, because Armands does not even have a secondary education certificate. Fortunately, he managed to get into the Academy of a Private Investor: "I decided that I need to learn from someone who has a result already." The strongest realization was the fact that "the deans of universities who studied with the same 60-year-old deans, and whose teaching has nothing to do with modern realities, can not teach absolutely anything." The first changes took place in consciousness: he started looking at the world differently. During the course, he met his wife, and also learned and subsequently comprehended a huge amount of information. Today Armands Murnieks is not only a successful private investor, but also a member of the Strategic Board of Directors, as well as a Certified “Master-Profi” coach.

Dragos Stanciu

Dragos Stanciu


Despite the experience of entrepreneurial activity since 2008, Dragos admits that he did not understand how the economy worked, how the mechanism of economic activity itself occured. And he is very glad that he managed to undergo training at the Academy of a Private Investor in 2016. After all, the knowledge gained "opened my eyes to many things." The secret of success turned out to be not how to earn a lot, but how to save and, most importantly, increase your income. Dragos began to apply the acquired knowledge to increase capital and resources, and after a few years, from an ordinary entrepreneur, he became not only a representative and director of the Academy in Italy, but also headed one of the innovative projects.

Alena Pepina

Alena Pepina


Evorich partner program Top-Manager, Evorich Ambassador, Alena was born and raised in Latvia, for the last 10 years she has lived and worked in London, UK. “When I was growing up,” says Alena, "I understood that big dreams and financial success are not about me. If I want to have something more in life, I need to work hard. Two, three times more work. But one day I heard about the idea of ​​NEEW and realized that it was not so. I realized that every person and I also have the opportunity to improve their financial situation. The only thing that is needed for this is to start changing your thinking. It all started with the fact that I began to apply the first steps that API (Academy of a Private Investor) taught. Most importantly, I believe that it was the practical application of the foundations that helped my success. ” “More than 3 years have passed since I started doing the MLCI business, and now I am part of the NEEW team, part of the Evorich company.” Alena is a professional hairdresser by profession, with 12 years of experience. Initially, when she first came to this project, there was no money, no information, no knowledge. According to Alena: “In this business I gained more and more confidence as a woman, became more and more confident as a person”. As Alena says: “This Project completely changed my life, I went through many changes in my life. I am sure that I can give a lot to myself and my daughter. It is not at all necessary that the MLCI business will allow you to receive the highest income, although the income here is simply wonderful. It will also allow you to develop as a person. These skills and abilities will stay with you for the rest of your life. ”

Mila Serdjukova

Mila Serdjukova


My name is Mila Serdjukova, and I want to tell you about an innovative business model that our community has implemented. We have created a kind of hybrid that combines the two most promising industries: multilevel business and investment business. This is multilevel crowdinvesting (MLCI). The MLCI business model can be implemented in any industry. For example, the "Academy of a Private Investor" educational platform, which sells courses in financial and investment literacy. Now, thanks to MLCI, it already has over 1,700,000 registered users. The uniqueness of the MLCI is in three components. First, people become regular customers of the company. Secondly, the client can become a partner and receive high rewards. Thirdly, everyone can become a co-owner of the company and claim part of its profits. The most powerful engine of progress in the 21st century is people and communities. I invite you to visit our webinars and study in more detail what an ICI is, and most importantly, how you can become a part of our ecosystem and make your dreams come true. Join us!

Anete Martinsone

Anete Martinsone


Hey! My name is Anete Martinsone. I live in the UK. Before joining this business, I worked as a sales manager for a large company and thought that this was my dream. Five-day work week with days off and paid sick days. We all dream about it, don't we? But I was wrong when I thought this job was my guarantee of safety for the rest of my life. In 2016, I was fired without any warning. This was the very bell that woke me from sleep. I didn't want to go and look for another job to pay my bills. I wanted to create my future and realize my dreams. Therefore, I firmly decided to become an entrepreneur. During this time, I got acquainted with the MLCI business, which allowed me to become who I am today. It allowed me to get rid of all difficulties and financial problems. This business has enabled me to achieve some of my biggest goals and dreams. And this is not the limit! I'm still on my way. Join our MLCI community of entrepreneurs and create your own future.


to the "Evorich" account

Evorich is a fast growing and constantly evolving company. New leaders are born every day around the world. This is just the beginning. In the words of our founder, "When you are in a state of progress, you do not need to think about superiority, because everyone is the best in their field, and the overall result is quick!"